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DFY provides hundreds of hours of FREE real estate education, and introduces you to dozens of real estate experts across multiple industries.
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 DFY has been redefining real retirement for the last 10 years. Hear from real customers, see real properties, and view thousands of real results.
"Our financial situation is so much better now because of our work with DFY!"
-Lee & Susie Sim, Civil Engineer
"We have been investing with the assistance of DFY for almost 9 years and have found the process to be just as they describe - very professional, complete integrity, and very customer service oriented. Each investment we have made has been successful and couldnt have been easier on our end, DFY really does everything for you."
"I now know what the future holds, and have better control of my financial life!"
-Ron Divjak, Indiana State Basketball H.o.F.
"I was skeptical at first, but thought I ought to try to at least purchase one home with the DFY Team. I figured if it worked once, I could do it again. It WORKED! We've now purchased at least a home a year for the last 8 years, and are planning on buying 4 more very soon. The steady income has helped provide for a good life.”
"We'd always wanted to do real estate but didn't have the education, time or ability to do it on our own!"
-Dr. Bill & Julia Graden, Marriage Coach
"When I first learned about Done For You Real Estate, I thought 'this is going to do for real estate what mutual funds did for the stock market.' DFY is making investing in real estate available for anybody. Everything we needed to invest was anticipated by the team and delivered successfully. Over the last 10 years, we've been able to now buy 7 properties."
Learn Real Estate... Do Real Estate
Over The Last 10 Years The DFY Team of Licensed Professionals Have Helped Thousands Of Clients Begin Replacing Their Income:
Founded 10 years ago, DFY has helped thousands of clients, across all 50 states, transact over 400 million dollars and over 3500 homes. As one of the top assistance providers of individual retirement-focused real estate assets, our clients continue to watch their portfolios grow by millions of dollars of equity each year. Individual DFY clients enjoy thousands of dollars of real, spendable cash flows every month, and have seen average monthly cash-on-cash returns anywhere from 7% to 14% over the last decade. To review our entire clients' transaction portfolios for the last 5 years, click the button below:
Learn Real Estate... Do Real Estate
WhY ARE So Many Americans Turning To Real Estate?
How does DFY Help?
Are we at the brink of a financial crisis? Half of Americans aren't saving for retirement, and those who do save are saving far less than they will need. Even for the half of us that are saving something, we are typically saving it in 401(k)'s or other tax-deferred retirement vehicles. The retirement industry has already rigged the game against us, and you may not even know it.

That's PROBLEM #1... 

At DFY, we know what it's like to feel unsure and insecure about the future. We live in a world where retirement accounts can be cut in half overnight, and where factors outside of our control can hijack our money and our future. Tens of Millions of Americans are turning to real estate as a supplement to their income, and as the answer to their retirement woes... 

That brings us to PROBLEM #2...

Most people try to hit home runs when they think about getting in to real estate, and most companies try to sell you expensive education, or try to convince you to gamble on real estate deals that supposedly will help you hit it out of the park. Unfortunately the real estate education industry (with their infomercials, their reality shows, and their high ticket coaching programs) are the exact reason 97% of people who invest in real estate education, fail to ever do a single transaction, not to mention those that do a deal and lose their shirt in the process. 

So what if there was a simple, time-tested approach that solves BOTH of these big problems?

Step 1: Income Replacement Estimate

You’ll work with your project manager, and our national real estate team, as well as local teams in all of our markets to find the right opportunity for where you are now. Your team will review dozens of properties a month for you, in our investment markets as well as many others, to bring you the most up to date information based on your strategy.

Step 2: We Rehab The Property For You

This step is the one that keeps most investors away from real estate. You’ll have a local team to help lead any repair or rehab needs, which is reviewed by our national team, to complete any repair needs. Your team will be available from the start of the deal and the years to come for any ongoing needs.

Step 3: We Find You The Mortgage For You

We have banks that we work with so you can find the best mortgage with the best deal possible. We have an in house finance team, an in house pre-qualification department, and a game plan department. We will not just get you a loan (if you qualify), we will construct an entire mortgage finance strategy for your first property that will also help you qualify for additional properties in the future.

Step 4: We Take Care Of All The Details For You

Everything from insurance to property management to ongoing maintenance is covered by your team in the market. Whenever you have ANY questions, you can contact any member of the team at any time. Throughout your transactional experience, you will have our entire team at your disposal, including your personal project manager that will hold your hand through each step, and coordinate all the details for you.

Step 5: We Find The Tenant For You

When your property is ready, your local team will help find great candidates to rent your property with the goal of keeping them for the long-term. They will pull credit and background checks. They will interview the candidates, and work directly with you to pick the best tenants; tenants that you approve of. We also help coordinate all of the ongoing property management that is required. We want good tenants that pay so that you can cash checks.

Step 6: We Help You Grow Your Real Estate Portfolio

Your team in the market is constantly watching the trends in their market and nationally to make sure your rent and income are where they should be. As your cash flow grows, you can take those earnings into new properties to grow your cash flow and equity even further. You’ll be shocked at how quickly one property can become many!

Step 7: We Sell The Property For You When It's Time

When you’re ready to move on to your next investment, the team will help you with all you need to sell the property quickly and without headaches. While you own the property we will be working with you to monitor the property value and the market conditions an a regular basis. We provide you with CMA's along the way, and work directly with you to maximize the overall return on your property.
"DFY has done for real estate what mutual funds did for the stock market. Now suddenly, Done For You Real Estate's making investing in real estate available for anybody..."
Dr. Bill Graden, DFY Client, 6 Properties
What Markets Can DFY Help Connect You To?
  DFY connects you to the most predictable and consistent markets, with the highest cash flows, 
so that you can have the best shot of completely replacing your income and 
redefining your retirement in the shortest amount of time possible.*
- Population 1,905,981
- Known as the crossroads of America
- Projected population growth of 15% per year until 2050
-Cost of living index is 11% lower than midwest averages
- Ranks #1 business climate in Midwest, #6 in the U.S.
- Population 1.3 Million Residents
- Located on the banks of the Mississippi River
- Home to Graceland (Elvis' Estate)
- Birthplace of Rock'n Roll
- Home to FedEx and the busiest air cargo airport in the world
- 5 Class 1 rail systems
- Over 300 trucking companies
- Center of the Orlando metropolitan area with a population of over 2.3 million people 
- Theme park capital of the world drawing more than 68 million visitors a year
-According to Forbes, Orlando is one of the top 3 Markets in America to invest in 
- Population 842,051
- The largest city in North Carolina
- 3rd fastest growing major city in the United States
-Corporate headquarters of B of A
-East coast operations of Wells Fargo. 
-Second largest banking center in the United States.
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(801) 204-9061
*Any properties that may be found on DFY websites are actual properties DFY Clients have purchased through licensed professionals in the state in which they are found. Properties pictured below are for illustrative purposes only and are not for sale through the website or from DFY.
"How Much Can I Expect To Make On My Properties?"
Indianapolis, Indiana
3 Bed/1 Bath
Purchase Price:
Year Built: 1962
Average Annual Return:
Average Annual Cash on Cash:
Memphis, Tennessee
3 Bed/2 Bath
Purchase Price:
Year Built: 1990
Average Annual Return:
Average Annual Cash on Cash:
Orlando, Florida
4 Bed/2 Bath
Purchase Price:
Year Built: 2010
Average Annual Return:
Average Annual Cash on Cash:
"What Qualifies Me To Begin Investing In Real Estate, And How Much Does It Cost To Work With DFY?"
Sitting Down With An Income Replacement Specialist...
Reviewing, Evaluating, and Considering Live Real Estate Inventory...
Receiving Life-Long Education, Support, and Access
Learn real estate... Do real estate!
DFY Does NOT sell education... Education is FREE!
DFY Does NOT have ANY upfront fees associated with it... You don't pay until you close!
DFY is a Real Estate Education Company Who Connects You To Our Exclusive Professional Service Partnerships
With DFY You 
LEARN Real Estate,
and You Are Delivered A Team Of Licensed Professionals Who Will Help You
DO Real Estate
Most real estate companies charge thousands of dollars up front before a single deal is ever seen, or transacted. Most companies charge just to LEARN to do real estate; the actual transacting of real estate is completely up to you, and may take you hunderds of hours to complete a single transaction, not including the additional money you will be required to come out of pocket with in order to control the property. 

With DFY, you pay nothing for the education and for being introduced to our exclusive partners. Additionally, when you transact real estate with DFY's partners, you will only incur standard Real estate investing expenses like:
  • Down Payment: This is the typical 20% down payment required for financing investment real estate.
  • Closing Costs: These can include such things as appraisal fees, mortgage fees, title fees, etc.
  • Rehab Expenses: Sometimes these expenses can even be included in the purchase price of the property.
  •  DFY Program Fee: This is a one time, nominal, per property fee called the T.E.A.M.S. Fee of $4995
So what IS the T.E.A.M.S. Fee? T.E.A.M.S. is actually an acronym that stands for everything DFY does, and everything the DFY team delivers to you as a real estate investor :

T - Transaction Coordination and Oversight

Transaction Coordination is a broad term that describes how the DFY Teams in the field put all the puzzle pieces of a successful transaction together for you. From market and property research, to deal evaluation, to property fix-up and rehab, to ongoing property oversight, you are taken care of. Additionally you are assigned a VP of Client Fulfillment that will hold your hand and coordinate the field teams for you. Your VP is like a personal real estate investment concierge.

E - Expert Level Experience and Education

The DFY Teams have now been responsible for thousands of individual real estate transactions being successfully completed. When you work with a DFY Team Member you are working with the most experienced, and seasoned, and you are working with the very best there is. In addition to experts you will be working with, and that will be doing the work for you, you also receive unlimited, and on-going, real estate and financial education. There are hundreds of hours of free content available to you.

A - Access to a Predictable and Consistent Inventory of Homes

DFY Teams are a constant source of real estate singles and doubles. No need to take the risk and swing for the fences. The DFY approach to investment real estate is simple, predictable, conservative and time-tested. Short-term, buy and hold, single-family residential real estate, done for you, in the right markets at the right prices, and with a team that will manage and watch over your portfolio for as long as necessary, will, without a doubt help you replace your income one deal at a time.

M - Market-based and Data Driven Investment Properties

Properties presented by the DFY Team have been extensively researched, sifted, and evaluated based on market data, government data sources, and by local experts who live, work and make their living in the markets where DFY clients transact. Homes are evaluated against a backdrop of thousands of successful deals. The DFY Teams are only set up in a handful of markets because research has dictated that THOSE markets are the best markets for DFY clients to transact in, and to succeed in.

S - Support - On-going and In Perpetuity

Once you have transacted a piece of investment real estate through the DFY Process, and with the DFY Teams, you will not be left to your own devices. You receive an annual review of your property, and have property evaluations performed for you regularly - it is automatic and Done For You. Your team will manage your tenants, manage your property, and manage your portfolio. You will know when it's time to sell, when it's time to hold, and when it's time to expand your portfolio.
The T.E.A.M.S. Fee is fully disclosed and included on the property pro-formas, and will be included on the closing documents at closing. The DFY property pro-formas illustrate your projected cash-on-cash and annualized returns, and will calculate them based on your total out of pocket expenses per property, which include the T.E.A.M.S. Fee. This T.E.A.M.S. Fee allows DFY to do all the work required for you to have a seamless and simplified real estate investing experience from the education all the way through to the closing table. The fee is only collected at closing, which means you don't pay a cent for the DFY program until you are closing on a beautiful investment property that is typically ready-for-tenants, and that you are about to take title to.
Discover how Redefining your Retirement with Real Estate, has helped thousands of people just like you, replace their income:
Learn Real Estate... Do Real Estate
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*Any properties that may be found on DFY websites are actual properties DFY Clients have purchased through licensed professionals in the state in which they are found. Properties pictured below are for illustrative purposes only and are not for sale through the website or from DFY.